THE LFWGA 9-HOLE LADIES LEAGUE WILL NOT HAVE AN ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP SIGN-UP COFFEE DUE TO COVID-19.  Current members will receive an email for 2021 sign-up.

If you are interested in joining our group, contact our Membership Chair, Cathy LeMaire at to help you get signed up to play.

2021 Membership Dues $65.00 
League play begins March 4th at South Lakes and will continue through November 18th. We alternate between South Lakes and Lafortune Golf Courses every Thursday.  Join us anytime!!  Our league is a great group of ladies that have fun playing golf!  We welcome all skill levels.

Pairings Sign up Information:
Weekly Pairings:  We will continue to sign-up via email

To sign up, send an email to the Monthly Pairing Coordinator (found on Schedule).
Include in your email whether you will play 9 or 18 holes & whether you are riding or walking
Information should be sent to pairings contact by 1PM on Sunday prior to play day.

9-Hole Local Rule:
"Winter Rules" for the entire season.  You may improve your lie by moving the ball (in the FAIRWAY ONLY) with the club head only, no more than 6 inches and no closer to the hole.  You may not move your ball in the rough, sand trap, green or behind an obstruction.  Rules & Etiquette, Gail Eshom

Click Here for this Weeks Pairings

2021 Officers & Chairs